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Large champagne bowl in sterling silver.

Large bowl in sterling silver

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Large bowl in sterling silver

Large bowl in sterling silver

Large champagne bowl in sterling silver cm. 40 x 25.

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Large champagne bowl in sterling silver - gr. 3972 - cm. 40 x 25. On a finely chiseled slab in high relief. Handmade. Punch: Torrini-Firenze.

Historical Notes:
It is in the Renaissance that the art of silverware (and goldsmithing), considered a real art like painting and sculpture, reached a level of excellence in Italy, and in Florence in particular, thanks to artists such as Lorenzo Ghiberti, Andrea del Verrocchio, Antonio del Pollaiolo, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Benvenuto Cellini, who learn the working technique from goldsmiths and engravers, such as Maso da Finiguerra, Florentine engraver. In the homes of the wealthy and aristocrats, silver is used in daily life, especially in canteens: jugs and basins, plates, salt shakers, cups, trays, tureens of various shapes and sizes, with a sumptuous appearance, inspired by the simplicity and linearity of the classic or almost anticipatory forms of the Baroque with garlands, acanthus leaves, and masks, enriched with precious stones, gilding, and enamels, appear on the tables of the rich, together with candlesticks and table centerpieces, real silver triumphs displayed on festive occasions and solemn events. Even in the 16th century, the center of greatest prominence continued to be Florence; the Renaissance style gives way to Mannerism, which prefers the complexity and the invention of symbols and erudite themes, exasperated and grotesque forms, richly decorated and elaborate objects where the great Benvenuto Cellini makes school, author of a treatise on the manufacture of silver, in which it deals with the various techniques in use (niello, setting, engraving, chisel, embossing, gilding, etc.).


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