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Asscher cut natural  Diamond ring. Ct. 1,50

Asscher cut natural Diamond ring

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Asscher cut natural Diamond ring

Asscher cut natural Diamond ring

Asscher cut natural  Diamond ring. Ct. 1,50

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Ring in 750/000 white gold. Natural Asscher cut diamond of ct. 1:50; color: shaded white J; purity: very slight imperfections VVS2. Certificate.

Historical notes:
The Asscher cut is a pre-graphic of the oldest diamond cutting workshop in the world.
Almost 100 years after the first idea of ​​Asscher's original cut, Joseph Asscher's great-grandchildren, Edward and Joop Asscher, revisited the project, adding sixteen additional facets to remember the Cullinan diamond of the English Royal Crown.
The result is a square diamond with 74 facets, which absorbs light from every corner, creating an infinite mirrored mirror effect, a kaleidoscope of all the colors that make up a spectrum of light, designed to capture the eye with the splendor of a round cut and the complexity of the corners constructed with the art of an emerald cut.
Royal Asscher Diamond was founded in 1854 by the Asscher family. The company is responsible for cutting some of the world's most famous diamonds. Its still operational office is in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The Asscher cutting house is still owned by the Asscher family, a renowned diamond dynasty with a 157-year longevity heritage.

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