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Loose Natural Brilliant cut Diamond

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Loose Natural Brilliant cut Diamond

Loose Natural Brilliant cut Diamond

Loose Natural Diamond.

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Natural brilliant-cut diamond.
Weight Ct. 3.02; Shaded White color J; Purity: VS2. Update certificate.
Diamonds as an investment.
The use of diamonds as an investment and risk hedging tool has increased rapidly in recent years, so much so that it deserves the "Investment Diamond" entry on Wikipedia.
The reasons are quite obvious and understandable. Here are the 5 characteristics - which we could also call "advantages" - of investing in diamonds:

1 - Diamonds don't take up space
Diamonds have always been used as an excellent means of transferring value. The fact that such a small article can be worth so much money is surprising. You can have a million-dollar diamond in your pocket.

2 - A diamond is a durable good
It does not break and does not deteriorate, it is the hardest substance on earth. You don't have to worry about it breaking, just not losing it (and it can be insured anyway).

3 - Inflation proof
Real estate, gold, silver and diamonds are usually appreciated together with inflation. Unlike the others, diamonds are more resistant and transportable, which is why, even if you don't want to buy diamonds for investment purposes, you can buy them by simply considering them an alternative way to put money aside.

4 - You can enjoy them
Since diamonds do not deteriorate, it is possible to mount and wear them even if they were bought for investment purposes.

5 - The sense of security
Diamonds are a physical asset. You can keep them, look at them and even wear them. They give a sense of security more than equities and other financial assets do, which can only look like lines going up and down on a computer screen.


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