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Francesco Cenci (Firenze, 1927-1981) Painting and Sculptures

Sculpture by Francesco Cenci (Firenze, 1927-1981)

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Sculpture by Francesco Cenci (Firenze, 1927-1981)

Sculpture by Francesco Cenci (Firenze, 1927-1981)

Francesco Cenci (Firenze, 1927-1981) Paintings and Sculptures

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1972. Sculpture in patinated solid silver with splintered Dalles crystal base. Title: Arcana universal form - King Polipus.
Silver casting and chisel retouching of the Goldsmith Workshop Torrini in Florence.
Dimensions: Height with base cm. 63, height only sculpture cm. 49. Silver weight approx. Gr. 2,500.

Historical notes:
An artistic journey started in 1963 and ended with his disappearance.
"Francesco Cenci we could frame him among the artists who continue on the path of surrealist metaphysics or, better, of metaphysical surrealism. But such a classification would be inaccurate because we would risk circumscribing this painter/sculptor within the limits of a precise manner when in him the art is by no means "(A. Cerboncini).


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